Any time you visit a new place, it can feel intimidating. Where do you go? How do you dress? This is why we want to help put your mind at ease by telling you a little about us and helping to plan your visit. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible as a guest at Grand View United Methodist Church.

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What date do you plan to visit?
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Grand View is easily located off JFK road, just past the soccer complex and ACE Hardware; you'll see our sign on JKF road. Drive up Wesley drive and park anywhere in the parking lot. Parking is also available on the grass in front of Grand View (you'll see the small flags) and along the far back side, nearest the soccer fields.

Enter Grand View on either side or front entrance, and look for a Welcome Team member wearing a green lanyard. The Welcome Team are happy to help direct you to the Worship Space or to the Sunday School rooms if you have children, and also to the hospitality area so you may grab a snack and coffee.

We worship together in the large Grand View room, which is straight forward if you walk through the front doors. Ushers & Greeters will provide a bulletin for you at the door and also help you find a seat if you'd like. We have three different worship celebrations. Our 8am celebration is more classic in nature, using organ music, hymn songs, liturgy, & utilizes our large screen with graphics and song lyrics. The 9:30am and 10:45am worship celebrations are both contemporary, using a full band, contemporary music, & the large screen for graphics and song lyrics.

Come as you are! At Grand View we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. Those who worship here wear anything from jeans to dresses, whatever you are most comfortable wearing.

We want you to enjoy a cookie or snack and coffee before, during, or after worship. Also feel free to bring these items into the worship space. Again, it's about making you feel comfortable so that you may focus on and experience the God'd word in a relaxed & comfortable atmosphere.

We're located at 3342 John Wesley Dr., Dubuque IA, 52002.